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20507262_10213207593215340_6642497367057710075_oAntonino “Anthony Wolf” Lupo graduated in Communication Studies at the University of Palermo in 2017, achieving the highest mark with a final dissertation on the “Aesthetics of Video Games” (which you’ll probably find translated on these pages at some point). He has dreamed of becoming a writer since he has memory, and has ever since wasted every day of his life assimilating different kinds of narrative, from cinema to video games and books.

His love for writing is absolute: from literature to interactive media, there is no niche he would not love to explore, or that he hasn’t already. He mainly dwells in the Victorian Age horror and in the dramatic genre, with deep introspective looks on life and human psychology, and a focus on human relationships and love. That, because he is a hopeless romantic and a childish dreamer.

His experience as a freelancer involves several fields of creative writing: video games, literary fiction, film scripts, and article writing on some video games websites. At some point in his life, he ended up working for The Walt Disney Company as a Cast Member; and he is still there, cultivating his dream of never growing up.

Also, he has no idea why he just wrote all of this in third person. Apart from a slight multiple personality disorder, that is.

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