Your Mickey Mouse

For a charity talent-show event at The Disney Store, Anthony was asked to write a short story that he would then read in front of a small audience. Inspired by a Guest in store, he decided to write a story about loss, nostalgia, and family love – all connected by a "simple" Mouse.

A Quiet Place (2018) Film Review

I am just a Website, but I can tell that Anthony was shocked by A Quiet Place as soon as he went to see it the first time. This is his personal review, a critical opinion for anyone who might be interested in John Krasinki's latest work.

The Untamable Heart

Is there a more frightening pain than the one we experience with love? When Anthony (coincidentally, the Author's namesake) finds a manuscript in the attic, he is forced to find the truth behind this question. He will unveil a dark secret, and a story long-forgotten of a young boy suffering from a form of depression.

The Two Hedgehogs

Another short story inspired by a person, this time from a closed chapter of Anthony's life. It is a tale twisted in time, featuring a young man coming back to the mansion of his childhood, just after the end of the war.

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