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You might have met my loyal servant – The Website. If you did, you probably know all you need to start working with me, and I would be pleased to hear your offer.

I am currently open to both hourly-based and fixed-price employments.

Now that I think of it, have you visited my Portfolio pages? If not, head on to the Creative Writing or the Media Production portfolio to read some of my past projects and original works. If you just wish to have a quick look at my experience, you can also find me on Upwork by clicking on this link.

I have an excellent eye for detail, an outstanding ability to focus, and years of experience in the craft of writing. Just choose one of my services to start working with me today – tomorrow might be too late.

Now, The Website has masterfully crafted a contact form for you to use. Please fill all the required fields below, and, if you are unsure about what service you might need, just fly over the contact form to read a full list of the jobs I am currently accepting. I will be in touch as soon as I can, to either accept or refuse your offer! In any case, I will let you know what my choice is.


My Services

I can offer a wide range of Creative Writing, Translation (Italian to English / French and viceversa), and Media Production services, all of which you can select from the dropdown menus in the contact form above. Here’s a complete list with full explanations:

Creative Writing

  • Short Stories, Novels, eBooks: I get it. It’s not always easy to write a full story, especially if you don’t have the time or the ability to focus for long hours. That’s where I come in: if you have an amazing idea that you would like to turn into a complete book or story, I can help you out. As my portfolio successfully points out, I have years of experience in fiction writing – just tell me your most inner desires, and I’ll make sure to turn them into a nice, elegant and flowing style.
  • Film Script: writing fiction and literature, sometimes, may seem like just “picking up the pen and writing down the story”. Although that’s not always true, don’t think that screenwriting will be any easier: it requires its own languages, techniques, and a deep knowledge of Cinema in all its nuances. If you have an idea for a short or a feature film, just let me know – I’ll be glad to help.
  • Video Games (Storyline & Dialogue): along with being a writer, I am also a passionate gamer, and I have experience in writing complex video games storylines or dialogues. If you have a gameplay idea but lack a compelling storyline, all you need is a writer – and I am completely available to help.
  • Article & Blog Writing: now, writing an article or some digital content is entirely different than writing fiction and stories. Apart from a specialised language, you must also grasp the basics of keywords and web-structure: if you need to write an engaging article about any topic, just let me know and I might be able to help you out.

Please tick the appropriate box above if it’s a ghostwriting job. I don’t mind accepting such contracts, but I’d rather know in advance if I will be credited for them.

Translation (English > Italian / French and viceversa)

I am a native Italian speaker, fluent in English and French. I can provide the following translation services in / from all of these languages.

  • Short Stories, Novels, eBooks: while writing stories and fiction might be fun, it’s not always easy to transpose them into a different language. If you want to move your story to the next level, I can help you translating it (please specify source and target language in the “Please elaborate” section above).
  • Article & Blog Translation: so, you now have your sparkling blog ready for the world – except, it is written in a language that doesn’t match your target. If you wish to go international, I can translate your article and blog into English from one of the abovementioned languages. If you wish to go “national”, that’s okay too – I can also translate your content from English to Italian / French.
  • Video Games Translation / Localisation: as an avid and gluttonous gamer, I have a merciless eye for detail and great focus skills, but most of all I hate seeing an approximate and careless localisation. That’s why I plan to put all my skills while translating your game. If you need to adapt your game for a market in one of the languages I provide, contact me right away – I will be glad to help you out.

Media Production

  • Video Editing: my 3+ years spent writing for different websites allowed me to develop a certain ability in software tools like Final Cut Pro or Adobe Premiere Pro, which I occasionally used for creating some content. If you need help for editing or creating a video, just reach out. If you have one-time employments that’s fine, but please note that I am not currently open to ongoing video editing projects.
  • Podcast Editing / Writing: I sometimes worked on a few audio podcasts as either an author or a writer. If you need help shaping your episodes or working on the final audio files, I will be happy to help you out.

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