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Hi there! If you ended up here, chances are you might be interested in the Author’s works. As his personal website, I’ll gladly take the honour of introducing you to his most relevant jobs so far.

In this page, which I will constantly keep up to date for my Author, you’ll find links to the most important and juicy works in his past experience. These will be divided into categories (“Fiction Writing“, “Screenwriting” and such) and organised into a list, which I will try to keep as readable as possible! I think my Author chose me for my organised mindset, after all.

[Please keep in mind that no websites or ficticious A.I.s were harmed in the process.]

Let’s begin!

Table of Contents

Publications & Awards

  • Forsaken: a science-fiction short story featured on The Elixir Magazine.
  • Bad Harvest: dystopian short story, shortlisted for the Orwell Society Dystopian Fiction Prize 2019.

Fiction Writing

  • The Swansong & Other Stories: a collection of 8 short stories about love, loss, and sacrifice.
    • The Swansong “Following a mystical moment with a beautiful animal, Evelyn is struggling to find her place in the world. After facing a big loss, she will have to learn the value of sacrifice.”
    • The Two Hedgehogs“Wolfe Doireann is a veteran of the First War of Scottish Independence, forced to face his nostalgic past by a magical amulet that links him to his beloved.”
    • The Untamable Heart – “Is there a more frightening pain than the one of love? Anthony, the main character of this story, will be forced to seek the answer to this question, through the clues left by the dark story of a young boy.”
  • Lilith: Goddess of Love and Shadows – “The Dark Era of mankind was rising with war, battles, and injustice. Then, Lilith came; and the journey of a young man to see her would mark the future of his race forever.”
  • Shadow of the Wanderer (first hosted on I Love Videogames): a short story based on Shadow of the Colossus, second chapter in the Ico trilogy.
  • The Last Call of the Wyvern (first hosted on I Love Videogames): a short story based on The Witcher III: Wild Hunt.

Screenwriting Projects

Video Game Writing

  • Apprentice Arriving: Fantasy-RPG game featuring complex, branching narrative and loads of exploration.

Article & Academic Writing

  • The Aesthetics of Video Games – A Study of Forms and Means of the Aesthetic Dignity in the Gaming World: final dissertation for Communication Studies at the University of Palermo (I will post a translation here someday, I swear).
  • Ars Ludica: The Art of Video Games (first hosted on I Love Videogames): a thorough analysis of the video game medium as a form of art.

Other projects

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