Anthony Wolf WriterCome closer, dear reader. Sit with me, get warm by the crackling fire. There’s no formal introduction to be found, around these parts. Instead, let me tell you a story; one of dreams, travels, desires and ambitions. In short, the story of someone just like you.

They say once upon a time, in a modest Italian sea town, a timid dreamer was born who could only find relief in books, characters and stories. The young man would lose himself in those fictional worlds so much, he was often craving for stories even in early adulthood. His heart belonged to pen and paper. He was not to be anything other than a writer.

Yet, y’see, writers were no less than creatures of myth, in that modest Italian sea town. The young man set off on a quest; to move to England, his favourite books in the luggage, looking to change the world with the power of stories.

And he’s still trying. I mean, these things can take a long time.

After a few years in London, he landed at the shores of Creativepool. Definitely less talented than others in town, he decided to help them succeed in his stead. As the editor & community manager, he assists the founder to connect all the incredible people in the global creative industries. He also writes on and manages the Creativepool magazine.

Some say he is skilled in content, creative writing and storytelling, but he knows there’s still a lot for him to learn. He has too many hobbies to count, including being a noisy musician, drawing badly, coding and gaming. Fun fact: he could talk about gaming and storytelling for hours (and usually will).

His experience as a freelancer includes video games, fiction, scriptwriting and content, online and in print. He was awarded a Master’s Degree in Creative Writing & Publishing at City, University of London.

It is unlikely that you will survive one conversation with Antonino without mentioning Italian food. He won’t bite. Just don’t put ketchup in your pasta and the two of you *should* get along just fine.