Bladecrow – A Dark Sci-Fi Feature Film [Script Editor] – (2 min read)

For this project, I was hired through my Upwork freelancer profile as a script editor and consultant. The author needed help revising spelling, grammar, and structure of his already-written film script, and he invited me to apply for the job after – presumably – finding me on his search feed.

Bladecrow is now in the pre-production phase, looking for actors to cover the main roles.

Bladecrow – The Story

Bladecrow is a complex story written by Valeri Lilov, involving an A.I. with human looks who apparently forgot everything about its past. It is a dark science-fiction story, kind of dystopian at some extent, featuring a heartfelt relationship between the main character (Claire) and a lively teenage girl (Mia): following a dangerous encounter, the two ladies will quickly bond together, facing any obstacle with each other’s help.

The background world, in Bladecrow, pulses with some dark life veiled with all kinds of unspoken secrets. Secrets that only the reader / viewer is called to unveil, as he progresses in experiencing this inspiring story.

My role in this project: Script Editor & Consultant

Although the story itself was great and involving, Bladecrow needed heavy amounts of editing, either in grammar / spelling or in the script’s structure itself.

I managed to complete the job in just one week, following and respecting the deadline I was given by the author.

Mr. Lilov then asked me to do the same work on a few other film scripts he wrote himself, which led to the beginning of a nice business relationship.

Some pages from the final revision

For anyone who might be interested in this project, my loyal servant The Website will show you the first ten pages of the script in PDF format, complete with annotations and highlights.

Detailed notes are not visibile in this viewer. If you wish to see them in depth, you can download the PDF file by clicking on this link.

Bladecrow (feature) – Beginning Edited

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  1. heyy, I wanted to apply for a role but unfortunatly the deadline on backstage was today, which I noticed too late. Is it still possible to apply somehow?

    1. Hello, Sophie! Thank you for your comment, this humble Website feels loved now.

      I would recommend contacting the author of the script, as Anthony was just the editor of the story. I’ll send you his email address in private!

      1. Hey would you be able to send me the email too? I come from Germany and it’s seems really hard to get in contact or apply to any castings

  2. Hello. I wanted to apply for a role in this movie on backstage but apparently this casting call has been taken down for some reason, I still would like to audition is there any way I can? Thank you.

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