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In May 2018, I was hired through Upwork as an English-Italian Translator, to help localise a popular mobile game. Anthony Lai, my client, needed to translate a few lines from his App, which is now ready to land on Steam: “Good Pizza, Great Pizza [Links: Android, iOS, Steam].


Good Pizza Great Pizza – The Game

Surprisingly enough, Good Pizza Great Pizza is a game about… Pizza. The player’s role, as a starting pizza maker, is to triumph over your worst enemy, another pizzeria across the road. It is a casual, yet pleasant business simulation game, in which the player basically gathers the customers’ orders, and then moves on to make the greatest pizza ever.

The game wasn’t certainly an RPG, nor it intended to be so. However, it had some interesting dialogues and some wittyful puns about pizza, and therefore several lines to be translated.


My role in the project: Game Translator

As a Game Translator, I was asked to help with the localisation of Good Pizza Great Pizza by Mr. Lai, who provided a few POEDIT files to review. Supposedly, I was part of a much wider team of translators who had already worked on the project: there were just a few lines to verify, and at least 500 words left to translate from English to Italian.

I managed to complete the job and fill in all the missing sentences in just one hour. I also managed to fix and review a good portion of the most uncertain translations in the files, leading to a great satisfaction of the client himself.


A Sneak-Peek at the Game

My work will most likely be implemented in the game with a patch in the next few weeks, and it will certainly be present in the Steam version of the game. I will update this post accordingly when the time comes; in the meantime, feel free to download my client’s App on your personal Store, especially if you like casual games and experiences on mobile.

Good Pizza Great Pizza ITA 1

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