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“My, can I really hire you?”

Yes, you can! Sometimes, I’m available to handle some freelance projects for a few clients here and there, and I enjoy working both on fixed-price and hourly-based contracts.

I am a goal-oriented writer, experienced in creative storytelling. I can help you hone your story or come up with an entire plot for you, and I will stay focused on the task at hand until satisfied with the result. I am precise and autonomous, and overall a nice person to work with. I hope.

I have experience writing copy and scripts for podcasts and websites. I even have a few translation projects under my belt. So, look no further: whatever your creative need, be it a piece of website copy or a blog-writing contract, I can handle it.

Please head onto the contact form below and get in touch. I will reply to your message as soon as I can! If you’re not sure about what kind of service you need, feel free to ask me any question you’d like.

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