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Surprisingly enough, Anthony is not just a writer, although that is mainly his occupation. Sometimes, occasionally, someone asked him to act as a Media Producer for a reason or two. Might have been a video for nailing his own job interview, or even some more long-term projects like Gameromancer, the official podcast of I Love Videogames.

However, such small projects gradually led him to become an expert with certain kinds of software, such as Logic Pro X for Audio Production or Adobe Premiere Pro for Video Editing. It works as a funny hobby, but a useful one nonetheless.

In case you might need his expertise to combine writing and media production (or even if you just need him to edit a video or two), you will find such minor projects detailed below. This page will be constantly updated with Anthony’s most relevant projects.

Audio Production

    • Gameromancer – The Video-Gamingly Incorrect Podcast (iTunes Link): a long-term project by I Love Videogames, lasted more than a year so far and still ongoing. In this case, Wolf was both the Author and the Director of the podcast itself – and, sometimes, even a participant.

Video Production

  • Clash of Clans – Barbarians (click for more details): as part of a job application progress, the Author was asked to create a short video to showcase the Barbarians in Clash of Clans. Such video made him successfully go forward to the interview stage.

I Love Videogames – Content Creator

While working as a senior web editor for I Love Videogames, Anthony was occasionally asked to create some video content for the website’s community and social media channels. Here are the most relevant clips he worked on.

Beware: most of them are in Italian, but they should still serve the purpose of showing the Author’s skills with video editing software.

  • “Sneaking Stars”: oh, what a wonderful place, the Internet. When all those memes about “Shooting Stars” kicked in on social media, Anthony made sure to create his personal contribution to the world. This video was made entirely using Adobe Premiere Pro.

  • “Interview with Alessandro ‘Talexi’ Taini”: in this short, promotional video, Anthony placed some quotes from an interview with Alessandro Taini, former Art Director at Ninja Theory. The video was meant to promote an article on I Love Videogames, which featured the interview itself.

    • Gameromancer #3 Teaser – You may have read about “Gameromancer” above, an audio podcast Anthony has been working on for two years so far. To promote the third episode of the podcast itself, the staff asked him to create a small teaser-trailer, in order to create hype for the episode itself. The video was made entirely with Final Cut Pro, some time before Anthony “switched” to Premiere for his main works.
      Some more teasers would later be commissioned to Anthony for the most relevant episodes of the podcast.

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