The Hounds of Salem: Hair-Raising Mystery in the Miskatonic Valley – (2 min read)

Over the course of July 2021, I have worked on and published my first tabletop RPG adventure for Call of Cthulhu 7th Edition: The Hounds of Salem. The final document was self-published on DriveThruRPG on a Pay-What-You-Want model. It ended up selling over 100 copies in the first 7 days.

The non-linear adventure follows a group of investigators as they track down two missing books, presumably stolen from the Miskatonic University library. As the investigators rally up key clues and meet characters, they will learn that the story is far darker than a couple of missing books. Further in the adventure, the players will have to deal with a dangerous inter-dimensional creature in the heart of Salem.

This adventure was my debut as a tabletop RPG writer. It enabled me to employ the main principles of storytelling, character development, narrative design and learn layout through InDesign.

Ahead of publication, I ran two play-tests with two separate groups of players, then adjusted the scenario based on their feedback. I have planned work on a Version 2 with pre-generated characters and virtual tabletop-compatible maps. I will fulfil all my original plans for The Hounds of Salem before moving onto my second adventure.

The Hounds of Salem: Layout Sample Screens

You can download the adventure for free on my DriveThruRPG product page. Click here to navigate to the product page and grab your copy.

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