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Westman was the second milestone of a freelance contract with Mr. Valeri Lilov, the same author of Bladecrow. I was hired through my Upwork profile as a script editor and consultant, to provide feedback and proofread the first two episodes of a fantasy/western TV Show.

Westman – The Story

Westman‘s premise was interesting and appealing to say the least, especially for a fantasy lover and writer: Mr. Lilov’s idea was to combine two popular genres, western (now rising again thanks to Westworld and such) and traditional fantasy. It is a twisted tale featuring several intertwining storylines, deep characters, and a great number of references to the two source genres.

The main protagonist of the first episode is Seizmore, a man who defected the army and is now a fugitive, while the second episode focuses on a broader range of characters. Overall, Westman combines a clearly western setting with some medieval / fantasy elements, such as wizards and mysterious dark creatures.

My role in this project: Script Editor & Consultant

Probably written after the abovementioned Bladecrow, Westman featured a kind of curious unbalance in terms of quality, as it was clearly outstanding in some fragments, but concerningly superficial in others. I worked to allow the script’s quality to become more uniform, by leaving some detailed notes on how to fix sparse issues all across the 120-pages.

I suggested Mr. Lilov to work more on the “fantasy” side of Westman, almost absent in the first two episodes, as a good balance between the two genres might prove to be a big selling point for the whole series. He is currently about to implement these changes in his story.

Some pages from the final revision

For anyone interested in taking a deeper look, my loyal servant, The Website, will help you to visualize the first twenty pages of the script, which you can also download, if you so wish. Please note that detailed notes are not supported by the PDF-viewer below: if you wish to take a look at my annotations in depth, I strongly advise you to download the file on your device.

Westman1-2 (Cut)

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