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Get ready to meet the people behind the pixels: The Indie Diarist is a podcast on the human stories behind indie game development!

In The Indie Diarist, writer & narrative designer Anthony L. Wolf hosts some of the most passionate unsung heroes from the video games industry to cover game development, creativity, diversity, storytelling and more, in a positive and laid back experience for guests and listeners alike.

If you'd like to appear in this podcast, please drop me an email at anthony[at]!

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"This lovely podcast is exactly what the indie dev community needs."
"Sometimes you discover hidden gems. This podcast is one of them."

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The Indie Diarist is a show on the most lovable, creative and inspiring indie devs from the world of video games. In each episode I, your loyal Indie Diarist, will take you through the stories of the creative minds behind the indie games we love, to celebrate the unsung heroes of the industry in some fun, one-on-one interviews.


The Indie Diarist is my personal tribute to the indie game development scene. For the longest time I’ve wanted to connect with game developers to better understand their vision, learn about their work and chat with them about what makes making games so special; I know, after all, that game developers are gamers themselves first and foremost. And they almost always have a dream to drive them forward.


Independent developers hold a very special place in my heart. A lot deserve way more recognition than they’re currently getting — a space where their stories can be heard.

There is no space for hatred, negativity or plain bad human beings on The Indie Diarist; there’s a reason why the very first two episodes are with an incredibly inspiring female game designer, Nina Freeman, and with stay-at-home dad and VR developer Thomas Kildren, respectively. I want The Indie Diarist to be a safe space and platform for everyone involved, and I will always treat it with the utmost transparency.


I will always be looking for devs from underrepresented communities, who are discriminated against or simply have trouble cutting through the noise because of their identity. I will always be promoting diversity, positivity and generally being “a decent human being” on the show.


This is the whole purpose behind The Indie Diarist.

Host Anthony L. Wolf spent a lot of time trying to come up with a good name for the show, and in the end, this one stuck the most. The Indie Diarist is him, the host, whose only purpose is to sit there in the background while his amazing guests tell their stories.


His Indie Diaries are each episode of the podcast: lovely chronicles and stories from the developers, amplified for everyone to learn about, to get to know the people behind the pixels.


The focus of the show is on the people and their stories, rather than the host himself. He is merely the person offering the platform to bring these stories to life.

The host of The Indie Diarist podcast is senior content manager, writer & narrative designer Anthony L. Wolf – the owner of this very website! Learn more about him here.

In this show, you’ll hear from game writers, designers, artists and more, from all parts of the world, to learn about their personal journeys and get inspired by their unique stories.


If you know (or are) an indie developer with a great story to tell and an amazing project in development, you’ll probably be a perfect fit for the show.


I’m always on the hunt for new guests. If you’d like to appear in The Indie Diarist, please get in touch!

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If you’re an indie game developer with a great story to tell and some exciting projects on the way, you’re probably already a great fit for the podcast.


Please say hi at howdy[at] We’ll take it from there!

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Some guests who appeared on the show 👇

Footnote #1 - Kelsey Beachum

Outer Wilds fans, this one's for you: in this wildly successful episode of the podcast, I hosted the narrative designer of Outer Wilds, for a fun hour about everything game design and storytelling.

Kelsey is a hugely talented writer who was able to connect with a lot of sci-fi and gaming fans all over the world. Together, we discussed the principles of player immersion, as well as the processes that made Outer Wilds reality. Enjoy!

Indie Diary #1 - Nina Freeman

For this very first episode of the show, we meet Nina Freeman, creator of Cibele, Last Call and how do you Do It?, to learn more about her as a game developer and what drives her forward.

From simply chatting about a bunch of great games together to the issue of visibility as an indie game creator, this first episode is already packed with tons of important topics - including whether or not we need a new term to identify "truly" independent developers. Enjoy!

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