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Who is Anthony L. Wolf?

I could take a chunk of your time to list all the things I am or want to be – but it would be dreadfully boring to you, and it would make me feel like I'm bragging – which I despise. So here's all you need to know: I'm a writer, gamer and narrative designer with way too many hobbies. I'm an INFJ (aka 'chronic introvert') and a geeky couch potato.

I write features and opinion articles online and, when I'm not gaming, watching films or reading Lovecraft, I write sci-fi and gothic horror stories.

                I love to help aspiring writers get better at their craft – in fact, I have started a podcast just for that. I'm based in London and I'm always up for a friendly meet-up! You can shoot me an email at author[at]


Writing Advice

I'm a published writer who loves to share tips and tricks with fellow artists and creatives. You can find some writing advice here and on my Medium profile.


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