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Greetings, web-traveller. I am delighted to welcome you aboard Anthony Wolf’s website. Allow me to aid you in getting acquainted with…

Nah-nah-nah, too formal, right? Let’s start again.

Welcome, dear reader. I am happy to see that you made it so far, and managed to find my website in your journey across the web. There are many kinds of fish, on the Internet; it just so happens that you stumbled on one who writes.

Who is Anthony Wolf?

Who am I, you say? I am a writer, a cinephile, a gamer, and a lover of cats.

Chances are you’ll find posts for all of those things here:

  • Writing / screenwriting advice;
  • Film & book reviews;
  • Video game reviews and reflections on the medium;
  • And possibly some boring blog posts on my personal life and habits.

Whatever your interests are, I got you covered. Just, maybe, don’t come here looking for some cooking advice. I am notably a terrible chef.

You may have landed here from social media, Google, or a link I somehow gave to you myself (I am annoying, I know). Either way, I hope you enjoy your stay: I will do my very best to make it worthwhile.

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The Ominous Website says…

Hello, stranger! Nice to meet you, and welcome to this cove of literature, questionable discussions and other shenanigans. I am The Ominous Website, a fictional AI written to show you around the place.

Every time you find one of these boxes around the website, it means I have something to say; you can either ignore me or have a look, but it’s totally up to you! Either way, true content for you to read will be out of these boxes, written by the Author himself.

I also wish to apologise in advance for any glitches you might find on these pages. Sometimes they refuse to behave as they should.

Now, without further ado, let’s dive into Anthony Wolf’s website!

What are my options?

Enough with this stuff, you probably want to read by now. Here are a few social links to follow Anthony around the web, and a tiny widget with the latest posts. Thank you for visiting us, and enjoy your stay! I will see you around 😉

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