The Organist – First Public Release
The Organist – First Public Release

The Organist – First Public Release

This is an incredibly exciting moment. I know It is just a text-based game, I know it is nothing but a branching story and a small piece of interactive fiction, but it is finally live for the world to see. My very first game: The Organist.

I have been working on this little game, based on one of my very first short stories from when I was a teenager, since I started programming questionable stuff in Java about three years ago. Years have passed, a pandemic got in the middle, I changed my job several times, but there was this constant nagging in my head at all times, telling me that The Organist could still happen after all. And indeed, it did.

I am beyond excited to share here on my very first video game. It is but a hobby for me at the moment, yet one which I hope I can turn into a career someday – entering the industry as a narrative designer. This game is a start, albeit sloppy, albeit just made of the things I know I am at least somewhat capable to do: characters, stories and horror. And I can’t wait to see what the world thinks of it.

So here you have it: the first public release of The Organist, fully playable from start to finish, hopefully clear of bugs, from a random Italian guy who moved to London with a bag of silly dreams.

Hopefully someday this will become more than just a text adventure. But for now, I’m incredibly proud to have it finally playable, and finally online.

Thank you all for landing on these pages. I can’t wait to read all your comments about this story!

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