The Two Hedgehogs

Another short story inspired by a person, this time from a closed chapter of Anthony's life. It is a tale twisted in time, featuring a young man coming back to the mansion of his childhood, just after the end of the war.

The Swansong

This original short story was inspired by one of Anthony's dearest friends, a singer with heavenly voice. It talks about love, loneliness, and sacrifice.

The Last Call of the Wyvern

While playing through the whole Witcher trilogy, Anthony was once inspired by a spectacular gameplay experience. He later wrote this short story as a tribute to the developers and to the original author of The Witcher.

Shadow of the Wanderer

"Shadow of the Colossus" is a great piece of video game art, inspiring and evocative. It once pushed Anthony to write a tribute short story on I Love Videogames; this is its official translation.

Writing Portfolio

If you ended up here, chances are you might be interested in the Author's works. As his personal website, I shall gladly take the honour of introducing you to his most relevant jobs so far.

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