How I helped WeThePlayers spread the love for gaming
How I helped WeThePlayers spread the love for gaming

How I helped WeThePlayers spread the love for gaming is a stunning gaming community website, founded in 2018 but fully released to the public only in February 2021. The amazing folks at WeThePlayers needed some support with creating top-quality long-form content to publish on their blog page, so that they could boost the voice of WeThePlayers and help the website grow as it deserved.

From March 2021 to December 2021, I delivered the average of four in-depth feature articles per quarter, looking at topics such as the history of famous gaming franchises or the ties between gaming and our childhood.

The WeThePlayers founders were enthusiastic about every piece of content I produced from the start, which made me only more eager to give all my best to this collaboration right away.

How I found the community

I was looking for a video games backlog manager when I stumbled upon WeThePlayers. I believed in the project from the start, joined the team’s Discord channel, then reached out to the founders directly to offer my help with some website content. I was more than prepared to work pro-bono or at a reduced rate, but the WeThePlayers team valued greatly the quality and impact of good writing – which is not something every writer can say about their client – and we settled for a more than adequate compensation.

I was personally invested into the success of WeThePlayers from the start, and I still use the platform to this day. This was beneficial in understanding more about the WTP brand, what it was about and why I wanted to be part of it – and in the end, I had no reasons to regret this fruitful and close-knit relationship.

In 2022, the WeThePlayers founders put a temporary pause to our collaboration as they worked to focus on other aspects of the community’s development. We still have regular catch-ups, and I for one can’t wait to get back into writing some wonderful content for such a splendid community soon.

My work for WeThePlayers

I wrote over a dozen of in-depth articles for WeThePlayers over the course of 9 months, while I was still working full-time for Creativepool. Even as we paused our collaboration, the team still had plenty of backlog material to publish online, and some articles still have to be published to this day. Here’s a selection of what went live:

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