Introducing Worlds In Characters: A Writing Podcast for Writers
Introducing Worlds In Characters: A Writing Podcast for Writers

Introducing Worlds In Characters: A Writing Podcast for Writers

Games, films, books, music, feeling hungry and opening the fridge looking for a slice of your favourite cake… All of these have one thing in common: stories.

Hello everyone and welcome to Worlds in Characters, my writing podcast! Those of you who are familiar with these parts should know me already, but for those who don’t, welcome to my beautiful little lair of storytelling, gaming, books and more. I’m Anthony L. Wolf, writer and editor, and I’ll be honoured to make it worth your while.

Recently I have decided to go ahead and open my own podcast on Anchor, Spotify and Apple Podcast. As if I didn’t have enough reasons not to write already.

If you can bear listening to this weird accent of mine, I will offer you guys insights into the life of an obsessed storytelling maniac with too many interests. In less than 10 minutes.

I am writing this article as the last episode of the first season gets all warmed up for release on New Year’s Eve, and I thought this would be an amazing time to transfer all of the episode on my website â€“ with an extra little piece to complement each. I will try and have them all up and ready by the end of January, but you know how I am – no promises!

What is Worlds in Characters?

Worlds in Characters is a writing podcast for writers, focusing on living life as a storytelling enthusiast. What does it mean to see stories everywhere? Why do we get all excited at a football match? Why does a tiny part of us love when some people get into trouble? I’ve been wondering about some of these questions myself for a pretty long time, and storytelling gave me the answers I was looking for.

Stories are everywhere. That’s the topic of the first episode, so I won’t spoil it here for you; but this is exactly what Worlds in Characters is all about. Looking at the world with the eyes of a writer, and learning to improve our own selves thanks to that.

What happens in Season 1?

My original plan was to have Worlds in Characters act as somewhat of a personal diary for all things storytelling that happen in my days. Somewhere along the line I decided to turn the first season into an overview of the most important elements of the writing craft. If you are already a writer, you may want to skip these 10 episodes â€“ though hopefully there’s something for you in there too.

In order of release, Season 1 deals with:

Starting from Episode 11 (and Season 2 with it), Worlds in Characters will actually become what I had envisioned from the start: a podcast about living life as a writer.

Who is Anthony L. Wolf?

I knew you’d ask. Anthony L. Wolf (aka: Antonino Lupo) is an Italian writer and editor currently based in London. I was born and raised in a Sicilian sea town, meaning I did not meet other writers until I was too old to make new friends, and I spent my childhood dreaming of something bigger. London is where I found it.

I’m a gamer, reader, learning artist and game dev, and I do all I can to keep myself busy all the freaking time. This writing podcast is just one of my latest endeavours, but one that I hope will inspire other writers as my episode count grows and grows.

What are you waiting for? Start listening to my stupid voice now! You can find the latest episode below.

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